VBC began manufacturing gear pumps for the growing Hydraulic Application  in the 1995. Today, these products are delivered to customers worldwide for a broad range of mobile and industrial applications. Our engineers have a unique understanding of the capabilities of gear pumps that enables them to go beyond the traditional limits to meet specific application needs. The wide variety of VBC gear  pump designs and options enables us to configure different rotating group and body combinations along with multiple flange, shaft, port and valve options to meet the specific performance needs of the application.

VBC Hydraulics manufacturing hydraulic gear pump with Displacements range from 1cc to 200 cc in single or multiple section(upto  4th  stage.) pump configurations and in cast iron or aluminium bodies. Control valves can be integrated for additional functionality..  VBC will customize to the customer's Hydraulic function requirements, whether in terms of space envelope, noise, vibration, speed, power density or integrating components to simplify the system. Their combination of efficiency and economy make VBC Hydraulics hydraulic gear pump the first choice of many customers in the construction, agriculture, material handling, aerial lift, turf care, utility, forestry, mining, earthmoving, molding, primary metal, automotive manufacturing, entertainment, and machine tool industries.