Very special double stage pumps with Relief valves. Hi-Low  pumps are ideal for applications requiring a quick approach and/or return of the actuator at low loads (defined by the sum of the flows of the first and second stage) and slow motion of the actuator at high loads (defined by the first stage). Compared to traditional pumps, Hi-Low  ones require a less powerful motor. Hi Low  pumps are available for groups 1A/1A & 1A/0A. All displacement combinations for the two stages, flanges and shafts are available for a very flexible configuration of the pump.

HI-LOW GEAR PUMP specialy designed for  application such as trash compactors, log splitters, clamping mechanisms, crimping machines, metal forming machines, etc.



First stage smaller displacement High pressure

From 1 to 29 cm3/rev - P1= up to 250 bar

Second stage bigger displacement Low pressure

From 1 to 29 cm3/rev - (pressure set by Pressure relief valve)

Unloading valve

Standard setting from 30 to 50 bar, special settings on request

RPM range

From 500 rpm to 4000 rpm


Common inlet. Common outlet. Side ports code FG, FA, D

Flange and shafts

According to pump type & customer requirement